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Welcome Annie

Annie Klodd joined the University of Minnesota Extension in January as the new Assistant Extension Professor for Fruit and Vegetable Production. Her extension program will center on supporting Minnesota growers and improving fruit and vegetable production practices at both the commercial and home scales. She is excited to work with Minnesota grape growers and views viticulture as an important part of her program.

Annie is originally from Indianola, Iowa where her family owns a commercial vineyard and winery. She started working in the vineyard in 1997 when her family planted their first grapes, and also loves introducing customers to Midwest wines. She continued to work in viticulture as a graduate student at Penn State University, studying how perennial cover crops can be used to manage excess vine vigor. Most recently, she worked for Penn State Extension and led a national outreach program on integrated weed management. She is delighted to be returning to the Midwest horticulture industry!

Annie is conducting a needs assessment and wants your input. Along with collaborators Matt Clark and Brigid Tuck, Annie would like to capture a snapshot of the history of the grape growing and wine industry in Minnesota to help develop effective programming and to promote the industry going into the future.

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